About Us

About Us

My childhood is also involved with the housing industry and the organization. In the 8th grade About Us, when I was an eighth grade student in the school, Beard-Goff didn’t fit in properly; Even at that age, I used to hear and deal with landless cases without a lawyer. I used to hold the documentary errors of the author’s document. In fact, around 5 bighas of land sold by my parents, I was introduced to the housing industry as a kid.About Us

The writing race did not go far. Graduates came to the family as the only son of the mother to take up business, first establishing a coaching center in Hazrat bin Omar (ra) and then a school in his native Katsurah in the 8th. Name: Muhammadi Ideal Kindergarten & High School. But the service business did not seem to mind. So I opened a company called Muhammadi Developers. With the help of my dear dear sister and sibling husband, I started the business of buying and selling land with a capital of only Tk 2 lakh. Later, the Wali Muhammad Foundation Society was established in the 21st century with the investment of various individuals. The housing industry was infiltrated in the 21st. A project called “Muhammad Nagar” was launched in a certain area near Dhaka Md. I still remember .. there was no land in the “Muhammad Nagar” project, so the sellers used to deposit money as loan and say – “Wally brother, keep the money, buy good land and buy it”.

         After the great glory of Allah, I did not look back. Wally Muhammad Foundation Ltd. Company was incorporated in the 20th century. We also received many gifts and crests from various housing fairs and meetings. And hundreds of people found their own address in their own money. Our initiative was so that the middle and lower middle class could also address the headwinds in Dhaka, so I started allocating plots in monthly installments of Tk 20 / – and then Tk. Land under water? Many did not believe. Yet my path did not stop.

           By the will of Allah, a new project “Ahmad Nagar” was set up for the small ones in 20 years. Later, two more apartment projects, namely “Valiz Afroza Manzil” and “Valiz Anjman Villa” have been taken up. But is it possible to meet the needs and problems of all the people of the country? About Us?  No more establishing a housing fair.com.

          Allah is the only one who gives wealth and resources. There are some makhluks as the middle ones. And among them, thousands of thank yous have also given me the taufiq to serve the people of Pakistan. In my long one-year effort, a web site will come to your mobile that will meet two thirds of the basic needs of Inshallah. Thousands of small businesses will do business free of charge. Millions of unemployed will find their jobs. The housing industry will be in the hands of all. There will also be open huts for sale of all property and building construction materials. Each flat so as to have the convenience of a five star hotel, so there are advanced building home services. With the help of ward councilors, my goal is to ensure this service in all wards of Dhaka City and convert it to digital megacity. And moving forward to meet this goal …. Accommodation Fair.com …

           I sincerely wish you blessings and cooperation.

                                                                                                            —- Banda Wali Muhammad.